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Joe & The Juice

When visiting London last December we discovered Joe & The Juice, not knowing at the time that you can find this juice bar in several countries throughout Europe. Joe & The Juice is not just another Juice Bar. The inside of the store is dark and edgy, which gives it cool underground vibes, like sitting in a dark, underground rave bar (except you’re drinking juice instead of beer). They get extra credit for the fantastic names on the menu like ‘Hangover Heaven’ and ‘Go away Doc’. Ánd they serve super healthy salads and sandwiches.
Joe & The Juice

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The second-largest city in Germany, Hamburg, appears to be a great city-trip destination year-round. Thought you’d end up in a grubby city, full of concrete, industry and air pollution? Guess again. Hamburg is more of a ‘green city’ than one might think. Full of city parks, charming old buildings and villa’s… and of course the big Alster lake, Hamburg is actually quite chique. A perfect hang out for a Friday night cocktail (or any other night for that matter) is the 20up sky bar in the Riverside Hotel. On the 20th floor of this hotel, 90 meters above the roofs of Hamburg, the bar gives you an unforgettable view of the Elbe, the harbour and the city itself. Floor-to-ceiling windows (7 meters high!) and a cocktail menu the size of a phone book will make you stay up very late. Booking a room at the Riverside Hotel might not be a bad idea.

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