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La Gallina Bianca

If you’re a business or company located in the area of Rome Termini Station you’ll probably already get your lunch at La Gallina Bianca sometimes. For those who do not, it’s worth the visit. The fact that the place is packed with locals every day tells a lot. The restaurant is famous for its amazing pizza’s, pasta’s and meat dishes. Not to mention its ideal location in central Rome. Don’t go there to be amazed by the interior design and trendy cocktails on the menu. This is not some new, hip hotspot or ‘place to be’. Just go for a good Italian meal, nice glass of wine, friendly staff and you won’t be disappointed.

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Da Francesco

We hate to use the term, but Da Francesco is really a ‘must-visit’ when in Rome. The place has no www and the tourists aren’t aware. It’s packed every night, but it’s mostly locals. This fine Italian restaurant is situated at the tiny square Piazza del Fico, only a minute walk away from crowded Piazza Navona. Therefore a true ‘hidden gem’ (jeez, another of these cliche travel terms). Why go here? Well, first and foremost because of the divine Italian food on the menu. And no, being in Rome doesn’t mean you’ll be served the best pasta’s and pizza’s around every corner. Truthfully, it’s actually quite challenging to find a restaurant with friendly staff and good Italian food that isn’t overprized. Da Francesco serves amazing Italian food, is reasonably prized and the staff is having fun and laughing all evening while working extremely hard. Yes, they will even just look you into your eyes while they’re taking your order. No grumpy waiters (sick of all the tourists) at this place! Tried and recommended: spaghetti carbonara.

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Hotel Teatro Pace

Swimming pools, spa’s and ultra luxurious penthouses are not supposed to be your first concern when hitting the city of Rome for the weekend. If not mistaking, you will be indulging yourself with fine wining and dining, espresso sipping and of course loads of culture and history. So what’s most important is an ideally centrally located hotel, that has fresh linen on the beds, a clean shower and a good breakfast (not the greasy muffin they try to get away with at most of southern European hotels). Here’s your best bet: Hotel Teatro Pace. The interior is nothing but modern. But hey, who wants modern when visiting one of the most historical cities in the world? The warm woods and romantic details in the rooms are cosy but stylish at the same time. The hotel is situated around the corner of Rome’s cosiest square Piazza Navona. Of course Rome has a lot more to offer when it comes to good locations. To be honest: almost every location in the city centre of Rome is a great location. But the area around Piazza Navona just has a special charme that makes you smile every time you set foot out the door. Just walk around enjoying Italian gelati and wine and forget about the 21st century for a while.

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La Gelateria Frigidarium

Ice cream lovers, seek no further! Everyone knows Italian ice cream is the best in the world so when in Rome…do as the Romans do. The Romans’ favorite place to get their gelato is by far La Gelateria Frigidarium, a little place close to Piazza Navona. The choices are endless, the prices are reasonable and the ice cream is just to-die-for. What about fondante dark chocolate, creamy pistachio or their specialty Bacio, meaning “kiss”? Expect to stand in line around certain times but that just makes the whole experience so much better. (What is it about standing in line that makes us want it even more??)


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